Stellaris anyone

Stellaris. I like it so far but holy shit I can't seem to get anywhere. I always seemed to be out classed and out teched by everyone else.
I just get murdered by people.
Plus go for the Penguins they awesome.

I want to play so bad.....need to wait though, no cash in the spending jar right now. So many games are comming out this month too..... my poor wallet

Next month. I ran out of budget for may (Overwatch + maybe new headphones). Definetly looking forward towards taking the dive.

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I can't stop. It's bad.

I got it, it's very fun. Though I do have my complaints.

Yeah I wouldn't dare try it multiplayer, generally I'm not good enough nor can I get good enough to be in competitive match making with these kinds of games. I'm rather slow at rolling out any sort of strategy and often spend too much time figuring out what to do next

Enlsave everyone and rush minerals. Plus never use out frontier outposts. I think it's better to focus on minerals and rushing military tech. And most of your resources should come from your planets so make them early and often. At least I've gotten better at making it further.

Gave up Civ 5 because i got addicted to it. Bought Stellaris....worst mistake ever.

Stellaris version of zerg-rush? I really don't like it when EVERYONE plays like that, it comes down to how fast someone can move their mouse in those games...

I'm still addicted to fallout4 and mods, played a hour of Stellaris total so far LOL

I'm loving it so far.

Plus I just tried running it on hardware well below there minimum specs and it runs great (intel M CPU, intel graphics, on Linux)

Anyone know how to enable cloud based saves?

Ive been playing this a ton. Loving it so far.

I might get it, if they don't add so many must-have and game changing dlcs as in eu4....

Properties > Beta > Select an old version


Figured out cloud save, its in the main settings.

Yeah, though I like some parts of the new stuff :/
Plus mods are compatible only with the latest version.

For now, I've just watched videos of people playing it and it looks very nice and addictive. But unfortunately it's part of next month's budget, so I will have to wait for now. I am actually thinking of buying the Galaxy edition, because of the Novel. Has anyone read it ? Is it any good ?

Well yeah corvettes are so broken its funny. There is no reason for anything else since corvettes have no evasion penalty. So long as you build a well balanced fleet you should have just enough to lose to a fallen empire and destroy one ship which is worth the loss since the fallen empire wont take over anything and you can research there debris and pick up some wonderful tech upgrades. Plus planet expansion is very much zerging around. But you can't play slow since you will fall behind in tech and just wont be able to catch up. Its very much so an exponential growth game and you can lose out very quickly.