Steelseries Siberia v2 vs Razer Kraken?

So im planning to purchased a pair of headset, idk which one to buy. Any ideas? And 1 question, the Siberia v2 has LED lighting? and what software does it use? Steelseries Engine 3 or what?

No idea about the LEDs but before Logan went on the building headsets thing the Siberia V2s were his daily driver, I seem to remember hearing him say this.

I love my Siberia's , the light up ones are a bit higher end than the normal ones , and make the headset sort of worth less imho .

I don't own the light up version , but I use the normal ones without special programs .

im buying the Full size version, i read somewhere that it has LED, im not talking about the Elite 200$ one. And does the headset come with 1 single mic+ headphone intergrated 3.5 mm jack or 2 3.5 mm jack?