Steelseries Siberia or HyperX Cloud

Im sending back my Siberia v2 because the mute button is stuck so im consindering what headset to get now

I live in germany

If theres a better headset you can write that too

I will use it for Gaming

i would go for the hyper x cloud. I dont have experience with either, but from the reviews, style, and videos i have seen on both, the cloud seems much better.

I own the siberia V2.

It's guud , comfy and never gets too hot for me . fits my small ears perfectly .

If you like loud sound , you can pick up a lot of details in games.

I like the style and cables and has in line sound regulation. I have no experience with the hyper x though .

Oh and it's very easy to brak the top band and the plastic sticks . My band broke after 4 months , I fixed it and now I've had it for 6 and 1/2 months.

i wouldnt wear the siberias in public, those are more for only staying in home. and they are also much worse for listening to music, which is why i would go with the cloud

I have to dissagree, I have had siberias for 4 years, and everything sounds great on them. They dont have insane bass like some headsets but all sound is crisp on them. They are one of the best headsets I have ever owned. The only headset that I have ever had that beat them are the oldschool plantronics from like 2000-2002. Those were amazing and cheap.

I have found the Siberia V2s a bit small for my head.  The metal bars that give the headband its structure collide with the suspension band, and make it feel less comfortable than it should be.  Maybe my brain is too big xD.  But you get the point.  The pads on the earcups are soft, but they begin to squish down a bit(more quickly than I'd have like them to)