Steelseries Sensei Wireless

So Steelseries released a new mouse at CES I think. 

It's basically the Steelseries Sensei (a classic) but wireless. I didn't get any of the specs but for me that doesn't matter because the thing is priced at $160. 


Like jeez... I quite like Steelseries. I own the 6Gv2 keyboard and several of their mousepads (use the QCK+ Heavy regularly) but $160 for a mouse are you SERIOUS?!?!

I think it only had a 14 hour battery life but if comes with a wireless charging dock thing so I guess that's cool but the price is an issue for me.


What do you guys think? 

I don't get why the sensei is a popular mouse to begin with. It has a crappy laser sensor, it's ambidextrous and too small in my opinion.