Steelseries H Wireless (Discussion)

Hi guys, I just wanted to know your opinion on the Steelseries H Wireless.

I like everything from these headsets: the 2x batteries, the compatibility with every gaming platform, the design, the quality of the materials, the microphone, and apparently they sound quite good. I'm someone who has no idea about audio and my whole life I've been only using earplugs connected to my mp3, mobile or laptop. I think that the most I have spent were 40-50€ on some Senheisser earplugs. I was planning to buy some wireless headsets for the first time since I want to connect my pc and some previous generation consoles to my tv, and I saw the Steelseries H wireless perfect for that purpose.

But does that "quite good sound" cost 300€? That's a lot of money. I'm sure that for that same price you can get better sound quality headphones, or better wireless headphones, or better gaming headsets, or even all these options for a cheaper price. But if you need an overall wireless solution which includes all those features, and you don't consider yourself an audiophile, would not be these headsets the best option out there?

It would be great to read your opinions. Thanks in advance.

check all this site and find the best solution:



turtle beach








audio technica

(a year later not knowing anything with this post). I have not heard from anyone what the sound quality is comparable to, but I have heard that their headphone audio is the best wireless solution, but their mic is BAD. Since I do not know what to compare it to I would shy away a bit, but everyone says its good. The only hint I have to what it sounds like is the audio technica m50s; which, are considered to be very good. Although there is some debate if they are good for sound staging and the 3-d feel from headphones. I have listened to a few "good/great" cheap headphones, and I am not sure if these are good because of some decisions made.
1: wireless: loses some quality, but for the average person idk if it would be noticeable
2: closed back and digisurround: digital surround is just bad, it distorts audio, and a closed back design limits perceived 3-d of the environment of the headphones, only "true 7.1" headset I know of is the Asus Strix, which I have seen little to no detail of.
3: gaming!: in terms of audio quality "gaming!" themed is usually not the best as the sound can be distorted to be more bassy which can mud out the other sounds.
But I can say that this list usually indicates things to stay clear of. But I would say just look at reviews from a large variety of people (gamers, audiophiles, etc.). From what I have seen, most reviews have been great for this product. I do want to get these just for the wireless part, and considering that they are "the best" I think I would give these a shot once I get the money. I wish there were some offerings by higher end companies like audio technica, sennheiser, and some others that were wireless headsets. Or I may just mod the mic with a mod mic (no pun intended) just to get some better quality, although that maybe very difficult. For wireless it seems to be the best. For a similar priced wired option I would go with the Philips Fidelio X2, with a mod mic, or vmoda boom pro. or for an "all in one solution" audio technica ATHADG1 (open as to give a better 3-d effect).