Steelseries 5Hv2 Headset Help

Ok I just purchased this set

And the USB sound card it came with is crap. At first I thought it was just to use your headset and mic through USB so I downloaded the software for it and installed it and every few seconds I would get crackly static sounds from the set. After researching and finding out that the USB dongle is a sound card I uninstalled the software and plugged the headset into my microphone and headset jacks on the front of my case which is plugged into my sound card. No more static sounds but how do I adjust the level of sounds? The only software for this set at is for the USB dongle. 

I guess no one has this set.

I would really like to adjust the sounds. I think audiophiles refer to that as adjusting the EQs. I'm not an audiophile but in games the sounds seem like they are just slightly too far away. So what setting would I have to adjust to fix this? I have a Creative X-fi XtremeGamer sound card with the latest drivers but I can't find where to adjust such settings :(

Creative has a sound blaster software thet lets you change all that, i have the recon 3d fatality and it came with the sound card on a disk, you could try to look on the creative web site

Poor quality headphones, low snr sound card for the price, my ears are bleeding.

I don’t know if this will work for you but I always plug my headphones into my speaker jack. This allows me to control the volume with the speaker volume. I can turn them up so loud it is actually too loud. Just a thought.

I found a program from Creative that lets you adjust the EQ settings. It's called Creative Console Launcher. Why they wouldnt include it with the drivers or show it in the creative update mangaer, I have no clue. And CaptainPip why do you consider these poor quality headphones?