Steampunk book recommendations?

So i make list with what books i want to buy and im looking into steampunk category. Does anyone have to suggests me any good steampunk book?. I never ever have read steampunk books so im very new and newbie

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There are not that many. Of top of my head I can only recommend "The Difference Engine - William Gibson". I haven't read almost any of the books from this genre but here is a Goodreads list, this should help

Some of Simon Cantons books mix a bit of steam punk with sci fi/fantasy and were a good read (The Bite on the Line series I think).

There is also Shelly Adina - Lady of Devices, it's on my kobo ereader but I've not read it yet but is supposed to be proper steampunk.

Jim Butcher, writer of Dresden Files and Codex Alara decided to delve into steampunk as well.

The Cinder Spires: the Aeronaut's Windlass

Looks like it will be a new series. Judging by the reviews and the authors noted giving recommendations on the back of the cover, it might be worth looking into. Hoped this suggestion helps.