Steamdecks finally offerred, advice? 2 available in 2 days

Just wondering what the community thoughts are, Lord G has finally offered me 2 of the 512 deck if I say yes in 2 days, is this still a decent idea or after being on the wait-train so long should I turn them down? If they shipped 6 months ago i’d sell one and keep one and break even, but now what should I do?

This is a luxury item, but the deck 2 is in the works and a bit of competition has cropped up…


There’s always an updated model in the pipeline, which probably wont make it to market any time soon. They’re still trying to fulfill the pre-orders they already have with the Steam Deck as is. I have my Deck, I play on it almost every day. If you enjoy playing video games or collect games/consoles then yes, get it. If you’re in two minds, skip it and let somebody who really does want it buy instead.


If you can get one, then get one.

I will say this, ever since I bought one I haven’t touched my main PC since I got it.

Depending on the games it runs smooth AF. games that are graphically intensive (e.g Cyberpunk 2077) you’re gonna have to fiddle with the settings to get it run smooth.

However the biggest selling point for it, is IMO it’s the best emulator handheld hands down. You can play PC Games and the majority of emulators without hiccup which to me is a bonus.

also the settings, controls and updates are seamless.


Thanks for the thoughts, I don’t think the #2 is a good idea for the 9 & 12 year old to have free reign over, I guess i’ll grab one of them unless someone really wants the second from me, but with shipping it looks like the same as ebay…

I have one since recently and it makes traveling to my parents by train much more bearable.

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I have one, I use it at home regularly enough. There is something about the form factor and hands-on experience that I enjoy enough to prefer playing that even above my desktop for certain games, it could be nostalgia. Reminds me of many years ago with the original game-boy, but in a much better system. And sometimes my primary PC is occupied with other tasks, and so having a steam deck nearby is handy.


Buy two, run them in RAID1 config. There’s your weekend project. :+1:

too late, I let the one on my son’s account pass… Also, it would be a raid 0…