Steamcache Lan Aggregation with Intel Pro/1000 Dual NIC

Hello L1,

I have succesfully created an Steamcache server on Ubuntu 18.08LTS, its for a small lan party with my peers, i have tested it and it works great, but now i want to add an Intel Dual NIC Pro/1000 for increased output, i know that the practical bandwight wouldnt be 3gbps, but every room past 1gbps its a plus, and i also understand that this is mostly for parallel throughput.

My question is, do i only need to install ifenslave on my server and create a Bond for the Teaming to work?

Do i need to make any changes to the list of IP Addresses that it have set up on the Integrated NIC?

Would this make any sense?, would it be providing more bandwight when various people request anything from the server?

Information about the Server

OS: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
Premade Computer Optiplex 780
Additional NIC: Intel Pro/1000
Docker Image: Steamcache

I don’t believe you need ifenslave any more. Just set up your network config correctly and Ubuntu will do it. See and search for bond.

There are some things to do with the network switches if you use managed switches. Bonding is also known as link aggregation and there’s a switch protocol called LACP / 802.3ad. That let’s you use the extra bandwidth both directions.

As I remember it with unmanaged switches and no LACP you get the extra bandwidth going from the server to multiple clients. But because the switch only assigns one port to a MAC address and only one MAC to an IP address, speed going up to the server is just one port’s worth.

Thanks for the Reply i will take a look on the link that you provided for the configuration, im using a Dumb switch.

I have read about the last stuff that you mentioned, and yeah i think it will help me, because i just need bandwight from the server to multiple clients and not the other way arround.

so aslong as i setup the network configuration on the OS Side, it will work right? or am i missing something?

It should work yeah. Use the bond default which should be round robin. It should spray packets out of all the bonded ports.

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