Steambox announced!

Today at 10:00 AM PST Valve announced the all awaited Steambox which Valve is calling the Steam Machines. We all knew it was coming it was just a matter of time! Good luck competing with this one Microsoft!

looks good ! no chance of getting the prototype only 300 people ge the chance :(

Yeah, I'm sure Microsoft are quaking in their boots over this Ouya clone.

What will their third announcement be? I have an idea...

I really don't see how this is an Ouya clone...

yea not even close, it's going to ship and have all the current steam games playable nativly on it...

all 305 of them

Definitely not Half Life 3... People legitimately believe that. It's kinda sad...


I am guessing some sort of game pad or controller to go with the Steambox and SteamOS

More than any other console ever had on release.

Also, Valve said that a few AAA titles are coming to linux/SteamOS and most indie games are released on all platforms anyway.

Whell guys im excided to see what it will be alltogether.

Maybe powerful steam machine will be a good replacement for gaming pc, maybe it won't be - time will show. Right now what matters is they brought to market some real alternative to existing major consoles. And its not just alternative, its also a powerful machine that can act as PC, even with windows installed on it.