Steam Wishlist Thread

In preperation for the epic summer sale, let's browse each other's wishlists and comment on them or discuss some recommendations based on the games.

Here's mine:

I'd reccomend skipping over Dawn of War II and going straight to Retribution, unless you want it for the story, which IMO is not that great. Retribution is basically Dawn of War II running through Steamworks instead of GFWL and with a new race. Also custom badges for online play.  

Profile is private, so no wishlist.

Publicize it, soldier!

If you say so:

only thing i want right now is the new sins of a solar empire..... fucking amazing games. the switch from micro to macro scale is so smooth... and the engine can handel small battels between 15 or so plannets (whihc usualy takes 30 minutes to an hour) up to games with over 200 plannets and 4 solar systems, which can take weeks to finish. (me and my friend used to LAN sins saturdays and sundays. we played on hte largest map size, 2v2v2v2v2v2v2v2 with dynamic alliances. it took us over a month to finish the game, and thats playing 10-15 hours each weekend)

When does the sale begin? 28th is my guess.

My wishlist is full of old games that I've already got. Time to update it.

Summer sale should be approaching.