Steam Winter Sale Coming to an End... so What did You buy?

the Steam Sale is Coming to an End. I Got some awesome games.


this is how we all feel during steam sales


Ether Way lol

here is the List of Games I Bought

  • Brutal Legend
  • Trine 2
  • Shadow Warrior
  • Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army 2
  • VVVVVV (Indie Game)
  • Rise of the Triad
  • Dishonored -Game of the Year Edition
  • Far Cry 3
  • Mortal Kombat - Komplete Edition
  • Super Hexagon
  • Tomb Raider

So what did you guys get?


I got Time Gentlemen, Please! cause all I had was 50 cents, but if I had money lying around I would have got natural selection 2 and chivalry medieval warfare.

I got skyrim legendary edition and arma 2 complete collection

let's see

  • displayfusion
  • ys 1+2
  • valdis story: abyssal city


  • defcon
  • deus ex

Nothing. Thinking about The Stanley Parable. 

I got the devil may cry reboot, darksiders 2 and the castlevania game

Couple of AAA games I waited just for this event

  • DMC: Devil May Cry
  • Bit Trip Runner 2
  • Bontanicula
  • Bulletstorm
  • Call of Juarez Gunslinger
  • Dark Sould: Prepare to Die Edition
  • Deadly Promonition: The Director's Cut (my GOTY)
  • Dishonered
  • Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon
  • Guacamelee Gold Edition
  • Metro Last Light
  • Rogue Legacy
  • Shadow Warrior
  • and Witcher 2

and two more, but they were gifts so I don't count them in this list.  Decent sale, but got kinda weak towards the end.

Oh! and prepurchased Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

I bought... Wait for it... NOTHING because I have NO MONEY!!!

For myself:

The Stanely Parable

Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition


I also got three copies of Super Hexagon and one of Dust: An Elysian Tail as gifts for my friends


Game Dev Tycoon

Euro Truck Simulator 2

NBA 2K14

Civ V: Brave New World

EDIT: Also, Dungeons & Dragons Anthology: The Master Collection.