Steam VS. Origin

I really don't like EA but after seeing this 

Origin is offering to waive its distribution fees for any developers that have a successfully crowd-funded, ready-to-publish downloadable PC game. Origin will provide distribution services for 90 days after the game's launch, giving new crowd-funded games a chance to reach the growing worldwide audience on Origin. If you have a game development project that has been successfully funded via a crowd-funding service, you are eligible to submit your final game for distribution on Origin. 

So if I read that right it means that the let you publish your game for free and you get all the money for 3 months. I think EA might one day overcome steam with users if all the indie guys come over to origin.



You are naive at best if you think Origin is going to one day overtake Steam. The ONLY reason why Origin has any sort of popularity is because of BF3 (and arguably ME3), and that actually makes gamers (such as myself) hate it even more since all it does for the game is slow it down. Steam in the mean while is getting the jump on Linux gamers as devs seek out alternatives to the disastrous Windows 8. If MS keeps going the way it is with Windows, they will lose their user base, quickly.

Like I said "IF THE INDIE GUYS COME OVER."  I never said I think origin will someday have more users but if all the indie games are on origin then HELL YEAH it will.

burn it with fire, ea has poisened everthing it has got a firm grasp on to date. even activiosion and ubisoft are not as evil as EA and damn they are really evil

Maybe they will change... no they won't. 

The smart ones will release to Linux, since, on average, the Linux user pays more per indie game than the average Windows user, by a significant amount.

More than 395,000 were sold at an average price of $6.69 (€5) and as usual, the Linux users were the most generous contributors, paying the average sum of $10.4 (€7.89). Windows users paid $6.23 (€4.73) each and Mac users paid $7.94 (€6.02) per package.

That fact alone would more than make up for any reasonable distribution fees.

My Library

Steam Games- 435

Origin- 17

I have both Origin and Steam, but only 2 games on Origin and 10 on Steam.

steam-7 origin-1 (and that's a closed beta, restricted to 1 hr of gameplay)

the only game i have on origin is crysis 3 (47 on steam)

that could be attractive to indie devs but is that a good reason for origin's userbase? i don't know. those who have steam accounts won't move to origin since they already have their games on steam. they'll probably just want to use origin for EA exclusives like Mass Effect, Battlefield, or Dragon Age 3 (maybe ?)

As much as I want to play the new Sim City, MS3, and BF3, I will NEVER use Origin. EA can suck my fucking dick. I am done with their bullshit DRM and fucking their customers over.

I've had too many poor experiences with EA to use any of their software.  I don't even play their games any more because I have such a raging hate-on for them.  When BF3 was in beta, I was ready to start liking EA again, but then I had to install Origin.  What a terrible, terrible thing for a computer to have on it.  I'd much rather NOT have my games tied to one unifying system, but if I have to, Steam is an all right one to use.

I'm kinda on the same boat. As soon as I feel like I got my $60 worth from BF3, which will likely be when there aren't anymore hardcore servers that support only the vinalla game, Origin is out of my system. ME3 was the final straw, and I honestly waited for the extended cut DLC to save the series, but it didn't.

How is EA still alive? Are my tax dollars bailing these fuckers out or what?

no, they probably get a supply of free paper from the federal reserve

The money that the federal reserve gets is tax payer dollars.

Mass Effect and Dragon Age... Bioware is the only thing keeping them afloat.

STEAM all the way.

Steam game count: 268 

Origin game count: 4