Steam Trade Thread

Starting this thread so we can trade or give away games, post what you are trading, and what you are looking for.


For me, I got a couple of copies of Guns of Icarus for trade. Looking for Limbo, TEC 3001, or Circuits.

Modedit: I have decided that we should have a dedicated thread also for trading stuff from your inventory on Steam and I think this will make a good thread for one. So not only that you can just trade games but you may use this thread to do some inventory trading. Have fun!

I don't play my copy of Space Engineers.

I did not know games were trade-able, but I'm relatively new to the community.  

I have a watch dogs season pass I need to get rid of

you can trade anything that is in your inventory that has the tag, tradeable

Actually, I do have an a copy of LIMBO to trade you. Would you trade Guns of Icarus for it?


hell ya, been wanting Limbo for a while looks like it is going on sale soon but I have a bunch of copies of GoI to give away. steam is xobx_achilles, steam name is Tiddles

Just sent you a friend request. The copy I have is from a Humble Bundle so I have to send you a link that you can redeem it

Trade complete. Thank you :3

Hi guys, I have a few key on my inventory that I want to trade if possible :D

  • Batman™: Arkham City GOTY
  • Garry's Mod
  • Guacamelee! Gold Edition
  • Puzzle Bots
  • Sanctum 2
  • The Lord of the Rings Online: Steely Dawn Starter Pack
  • Warframe Booster Pack

And some DLC'S from the last E3 humble bundle (You can take one as a gift for each game we trade if you want) 

  • PAYDAY 2 Orc and Crossbreed Masks
  • Company of Heroes 2: German Commander - Storm Doctrine
  • Company of Heroes 2: German Skin - Four Color Disruptive Pattern
  • Company of Heroes 2: Soviet Commander - Conscripts Support Tactics
  • Company of Heroes 2: Soviet Skin - Four Color Belorussian
  • Total War: Rome II - Nomadic Tribes Culture Pack
  • EVE Online: Trial Key
  • EVE Online: Rifter Ship Skin
  • Landmark 1-Week Closed Beta Key
  • One Month of Twitch Turbo

  You can see my Steam profile in here, so that you can see the games I already have 

Thread updated. And bumped.

Anyway, for this thread; as I said before;

I have 4 game coupons, but nearly all of them have expired, yet those expired ones are still in my inventory for some strange reason. Only one is still valid. I'm over here:

I think it's important to note that, as far as I'm aware anyway, only items in your inventory can be traded, so nothing in your library. I know that seems like common sense, but yeah.

As far as this goes, all I have anymore are some of those digital community trading cards. Sorry.

I got a copy of Secret Ponchos. Looking for Transistor if anyone is interested.

Yo, boys and girls, I have a Daedric Warrior card up for trade.