Steam summer sale - recommendations

It is on! Prepare your wallets getting raped.

What are you buying?


The Steam Store is experiencing some heavy load right now. Please try again later.

Will check them games but only possibility would be some indie or console port rpg what has not been advertised at all

The store is more broken than me right now...
The wishlist isn't though...
Dragon's Dogma is only 12€
Aragami is 10€
Euro Truck Simulator 2 is 5€
The Guild Of Dungeoneering is 5€
You know what? I am tired... You can Google the links yourself...

There you go.. This is my steam wishlist...

Do it today, it's free. :grinning::+1:

I'm glad I waited to get a Steam card, they have a deal to get an extra 20-30% if you go to Game Stop. Now if things weren't painfully slow I could actually figure out if there is anything worth getting! I will probably get a few super cheap games on my wishlist, but nothing special. It has to support Linux and my weak computer.

Edit - Wow, I was trying to go through a game queue and now it says I need to log in to add it to my wishlist. I'm browsing via the Steam client. The website isn't any better as I can't even log in there.

Immortal Redneck
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
Dragon's Dogma (Got on sale on Humble a week or so ago)

Shadow of Mordor

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Wish I could give you my copy doesnt play will with keyboard/mouse probably ok with controller

south park stick of truth is under 10 bux

Not Steam, but Killing Floor is free on Humble Bundle for another day+:



Dammit! Yeah, I would buy that ... shit, I would have bought that the first minute I saw it if it came out on linux.... I still think wipeout 2097 was the best of the series and this looks as close as it will ever get. Same people working on it..... yeah, ...... dammit.

Sorry for the rant.

So far I am only buying the really cheap little games from my list. The two pixeljunk titles that work on linux, stacking, ... I think gone home for five bucks is so far the most expensive.

But there is something about it when you get an e-mail that is titled "103 items from your Steam wishlist are on sale!"



I just bought:


Had the Talos Principle on my wishlist since I played the demo about 2 years ago. And they have pretty good Linux and decent Vulkan support.

Was a perfect match with Paypal giving 5€ coupouns for 20€ spent on steam.

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the left 4 dead games are quite cheap right now


Tomb Raider (2013) for 4,99 looks like a deal to me. And that is actually running on linux.
Left4Dead 2 - also a linux game.

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tomb raider


Done deal.

Half life 1 is a buck. Go buy it if you dont have it.


Some Shadowrun titles look pretty cheap.
And yes, linux.

Life is Strange Episodes 1-5 for $4.99 was a great bargain.
Witcher 1 & 2 are only a couple of dollars each.

I also picked up Deadpool for $20 & Dishonored 2 for $25.

I was planning to get Stellaris as well, but the DLC is more expensive than the game.. so I passed on that one.