Steam Summer Sale 2018 - Games Worth Picking Up [Updated]

Here is a List (That Will Continue to Be Updated as the Sale Continues)

Anything Worth the Money Now That Wasn’t When It Was $49-$60

also I have to be at work so I’m just posting the few I think are worth the money NOW as apposed to at Launch

[For the Weebs]

GOTY Witcher 3 = Same Price as Base Game… GOTY Comes with all the DLC

Anything I’ve missed so far add more below


Deus Ex Mankind Divided - $5

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Battletech - Pay as much as they’re asking. It’s worth it

Free until 25th


FarCry 4 - $12

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines - $5

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Just Cause 3 - $5

Mortal Kombat XL - $10

Jiggly bewbs in this one.

The long dark, railway empire and tannenberg are all on sale too.

Post the Steam Links so they at least show price. I know things are on sale.

Mobile is hard

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You didn’t have to do it now. just update them when you get a chance.

For the drifters:

Absolute Dtift: Zen Edition
CarX Drift Racing Online

I can’t really see the price of the games I already have… So there will not be much more from me…

The Escapists bundle is on sale for $7.50 USD. I’m buying that one today. The Escapists 2 is also on sale for $13.xx.

a good pickup with 5-ish hours of gameplay

Original launch was troubled but its much better now

company firewall is killing me



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Totally worth £5