Steam Summer Sale 2016 Thread!

It's here! The Steam Summer sale! Post anything and everything Steam Summer Sale related!

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The site is being hammered and nothing is working for me including downloading my Steam games I just recently bought. Much excitement for nothing ...... but oh wait I saw a person can get 3 Steam cards per day again so I hope there is a reason for people to be buying cards because I sure as heck want to unload mine for Steam cash to buy games. : )

Is my wallet saved?


I can't recommend that game enough. 6,89 Euro is a steal...

Still a great game today. Way better mechanically than 2 or 3...

this sucks. way to much traffic on the servers

I am trying to look at my queue to get the Steam cards and I get the same issue that psycho_666 showed. FFS!

It is just overflown... Everybody is trying to jump and buy shit... It's OK, the sale is up until 4-th of July, so we have time...

People are gonna have to take turns. I say ME FIRST! Damnit, I could have bought Surgeon Simulator for $2, but I got it for like $5 before. Had I only waited a couple of weeks.

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Hey guys my Steam software has been acting strange lately where I can't do everything I need to do or should be able to do with it and so I ask is it possible to move through the queue of games and get Steam cards by using the website or not? Anyone ever do this during a previous sale?

But the games will sell out!!!!!

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downloading steam games weeee!!!!


SO YOUR THE 1% I HEARD ABOUT! That's crazy internet speeds.

Bernie Sanders would hate you.


1,49 Euro... Just get this shit...

Don't tell me what to do (jk), I will get it damnit!

This is more like the Steam S*** S***! My God!

Oh wow, more and more games going on sale... My entire wishlist is on sale rigght now 70+% discounts...
So many good games... My erection is going harder and harder...


At least you can see a list. The only thing I can do with Steam right now is download games and that is it. Oh and here is what I am getting when trying to load a page through a browser .....

An error occurred while processing your request.
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