Steam Streaming: Virtualbox to Ubuntu = Wow?

I heard something in a Tek, not sure if it was 193 or one before it, but @Wendell mentioned something about running a windows VM and using the steam in-home streaming and it working fine.

Does that actually work? I somehow doubt that with the limitations of VBox but I could be wrong since I haven't tried it out.

Is this a thing or was he joking? I can't tell sometimes.

No reason why it wouldn't work, but you'd still need PCI passthrough so the VM has a video card.

Huh, thats really intruiging

... and then I realized my 2500K wouldn't pass thru RIP :(

It's actually your board I believe. Look for a Q77 board that supports VT-X

@Zippy_Parmesian Ark says no pass thru

The CPU itself doesn't need to supoort it although if it does, great. You just need two discrete graphic cards.

Try to find someone who wants to swap your 2500K for a 2500 non-K.
The regular i5-2500 does support VT-d and with the right motherboard (I heard all Z77 boards should do it, but can only verify the Z77A-GD65 Gaming) it can still run an x38 multiplier.

@CaptainChaos I'd assume just get the new 6600K, which supports it (and can overclock ;) ) OR just support a company that doesn't bin their SKUs and get a fully featured AMD.