Steam Streaming Client Build

Hey guys!


I'm looking to get a nice small and quiet machine for the living room to receive games streamed from my main computer in my room. I'd really appreciate some help with creating a build from you tech Gods. I have a budget of £250 however this can be stretched to accommodate whatever extra is needed. I don't need an OS as I intend to run Ubuntu on it and I don't need any peripherals. I have no preferred retailer but just try and keep it to within the UK :P.


Thanks in advance!

(Please tell me if I need to add some extra info.)

i actually built one a little while ago. This is in U.S., but if you turn it into euros, it's a little under 250.

Thanks. I'll see how much it is in GPB as we have some rather expensive prices across the pond. Otherwise it looks fairly decent. Thanks again!