Steam Sale Decisions

I have a problem.

I am planning to recieve a fair amount of money, at least another £30 - £40, at Chrismas. However, I have only around £30 at the moment to spend on the steam sale which starts on the 19th.

Doesn't seem that limited, but given my only current games are stuff from the Humble Bundle, not providing the several months of PC gaming I am after.

I feel like combined with the CRAZY deals, the £50+ I am near guaranteed to get will be suitable to get quite a lot of good games. However, For the first 6 days of the sale, I will have just £30. So my question is, how should I do it?

I know there are some musts, such as Skyrim: Legendary, but I expect that to be atleast £15, taking up half my pool in one purchase. Not the best idea IMO, but what if it's not that cheap afterwards? 

So, I've been told that games don't get cheaper than Daily Deals, so I will be limiting myself to them for the first 6 days. But, what to get? Should I limit myself to great deals and super cheap games? As in, no more than a £5 on the very large majority of games? Or what??

Also, when does the sale end?


The general rule with a Steam sale is don't buy it unless it's on daily deal or flash sale as that's the cheapest it will go. If there are games you want and they don't go on daily or flash sale wait until the last day to pick them up.

Skyrim is a great one to go with expecially if your PC can run it with a boat load of mods. If you don't want to spend half your budget on that then pick up Fallout 3 and New Vegas GOTY editions you should be able to get them for under £5 each and they're both very moddable to get more out of them.


My best piece of advice is to only buy games you know you're going to play. I've spent far too much during Steam sales in the past picking up games which look interesting or I've played in the past and wanted to play again and they're sat in my Steam library unplayed.

and you should make a rule not to buy any games that arent discounted by more than a certain amount. like they need to be 50% off or more. I did this and it will help you save even more, because you won't pick up games that are only 33% off, which in some cases can be very little depending on the original price.