Steam Sale 2015 predictions

Well this is unlikely but we can dream...

Yes please.

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hahah, also how can I get it to display the picture here not the link??

post it as on its own line.


You can also do it with html:

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Obviously, remove the dot before the "img". It's only there so the text shows up, not an image. You can also resize it in the html as shown above. And hyperlink the images with <.a> (without the ".") tags (you can't if you just stick the url in a new line).

These are ALL the games I want right now.

  • GTA V
  • Witcher 3
  • Mortal Kombat X
  • Nazi Zombie Army (Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army Collection)
  • Killing Floor 2
  • Dying Light
  • Far Cry 4

If i can have all those under 30 each bucks. bless our lord and savior GabeN.

Where's Just Cause 3, project cars and the forest on that list?

I'm not a big fan of either those games. then again not to say i won't try them.

yea much better that buying a full price!

I hope GTA V goes on sale for real the first day. I've still yet to play that game and I want the Steam version.

Yea i want GTA too, but not willing to pay full price... PC mods will be EPIC

Too good to be true....