Steam Refund

Thanks for taking the time to read this.
I recently preordered Blackops 3 (I know stupid move) then realised that the input signal from the mouse is delayed because aiming is connected to FPS consistency for some reason and after playing the beta I didn't find it that much fun anyway.
So, I requested a refund from steam because an FPS game shouldn't really have problems aiming and they denied it on the grounds that I had given away beta codes, the beta is now over and they still won't accept my request.
here is Steam support's actual response:

Firstly do you think I have grounds for a refund and secondly what can I do to fix this?
Thank you.

I do not believe you have the right to ask for a refund.

The game is not broken, (despite what you and I both think), and there was no false advertisement.

Steam itself has not harmed you. The MOST you can try and do is contact activision and ask for your money back.

You could also try simply overclocking your monitor so that you can try and get a smoother experience.

I hope this teaches you to not preorder in the future.

Get on to shudders steam support and talk to an actual person and explain what happened and the problem with the refund. Be very clear and don't be a dick. Maybe it will get a response and further the case.

Kind of silly considering it was only a beta invite for a temporary thing. But thems is the rules.

I am guessing the refund system is an automated system. And steam support are legendary for being just terrible and slow. But I have dealt with them in the past and they were not awful, just not very helpful. It was a.different issue though. So good luck.

Other than that. Yes stop pre ordering g games it is not a good thing ever. Ever.


Just email Gaben lol. I dont see why they wouldn't refund a digital pre-order anyway....