Steam Recovery Code Question

So since Comcast no longer supports SMS via their VOICE service I’m in a quandary about how to proceed.

No I don’t have any kind of mobile phone service as I’ve been working from home for the past 10+ years and don’t travel much.

I’ve not found any kind of third party SMS service for RECEIVING messages only sending them so my Android tablet would not be of much use here.

I’m hoping I don’t have to go down a mobile service path but it appears this is the only way around this matter.

Any tips would be appreciated, thanks.

Have you considered Google voice?

Pretty sure it’s free or very inexpensive

Edit: just checked, looks like it’s free except international.

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I am slightly confused, doesn’t the steam app for security and recovery code and all of that just work on WiFi so you don’t need SMS.


2nd Zibob. AFAIK you just need to install the Steam app on your mobile device (phone/tablet) that has internet access and then set your account up for using steam guard.

ETA - I stand corrected. Looking at the steam guard KB I see they added an SMS step for ‘recovery’ purposes. IDK when that was added.

Link for knowledge -

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Consider moving on to a prepaid service? I hear Mint is offering affordable stuff which is viable to use for these kinds of use case.

Thanks for the feedback, some things to consider.