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Steam Proton install non-steam game / application

Has anyone managed to figure out how to install a non-steam game or application through proton. I am aware of the check box in the properties window that allows you to force steam to launch an app with proton, and I can get the installer to run. My issue comes to running the app once it is installed. When you run the installer steam makes a new appid for the app the users comp data folder (in Ubuntu based systems it would look like /home/user/.steam/steam/steamapps/compatdata/appid#) and installs the app to the wine prefix located in the directory. When I go to add the installed app to steam I navigate to the before mentioned directory and add it again as a non-steam game. The issue is when you launch it, steam thinks it is a new app and is unaware that it is launching from a compdata folder, so it makes a new one and migrates the process to the new prefix. Then because the app has been ported to a prefix that has nothing in it, it immediately crashes.

Is there any known workaround that is reasonable at this time?

I would really like to keep launching it through steam to keep proton up to date and for simplicity.

could ask here


This is a good intro video
Not sure if you can do what you’re asking in steam but just do the commands he does and make a script out of it, then that should be possible to launch though steam

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I just want a tutorial for making CINEBENCH R15 run in Proton. All my attempts so far have been unsuccessful.

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Cool I am gonna give the command line tool a stab and see if that fixes it

Given most/all of the Proton work has been up-streamed to WINE and WINE just had a release (including said contributions), maybe lutris will now essentially do this (well, for games, anyhow)?

Why do you need Cinebench R15 to run in Proton? Have you tried to get it to run using Wine and Winetricks?

It saves me having to install Wine if I can get it to run in Proton from a fresh OS install.

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