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Steam Play: Windows Games on Linux (Proton Discussion)


Ive been using the link below and almost all the games I wanted are now working.

While old games I liked where great on ubuntu 14.04 when I put my toes in. I quicky left that behind. Abopted AMD and fedora in the end for a semi stable for me distro with AMDGPU.

Now this Valve initiative is well under away. For me some old games I miss with some launch command line edits in the steam linux client are back.

Am enjoying supreme commander: forged alliance again.
“Lets the good times roll”
PS then beta beta steam launch fix is a lowly;

PROTON_NO_ESYNC=1 %command%



So I have a question about this new revelation. Does this mean that now without opting into the beta, I can just install steam Windows games, or is this still a feature I will have to turn on?

I somehow borked up steam when I updated it a few days ago and have to re-install it. So wondering if this is an option I have to turn on, or is it just going to turn on, on it’s own?



At the moment it is an opt in beta or you just get the normal client on linux that plays linux games.



Thanks! Just makes the decision easier for me! Gonna reinstall it.



Heads up: The Experimental branch of Subnautica no longer supports OpenGL. It breaks DXVK on Proton and Wine. You need to use PBA on wined3d to even play the game at all on the experimental branch.

The stable branch of Subnautica also updated to break OpenGL launching. So much for “It works fine with Wine, so we don’t need to make a Linux port.”



Is there a way to force proton? For some reason it doesn’t want to let me play Skyrim Special Edition on linux.



Yeah, in steam settings, under “steam play” there’s a checkbox for it.



Awesome! This is what I was looking for! Now Im ready to go nuke my windows install.



I tried openSUSE Tumbleweed, since that is what I use on my laptops, but I hit a few snags. I could get most things done and having the latest and greatest drivers is nice, but I couldn’t get EVE Online to work, so I instaleld Xubuntu and got it working with wine-development.



It appears that “Lego: The Hobbit” works out of the box.

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To good to be true maybe.