Steam Os

Everybody at teksyndicate

What do you think?

I would really like to hear your views/predictions.

Waiting in nervous anticipation...


//Sometimes the compiler ignores what i say :/

As I said on another post...

Hmm this is interesting, definitely like the idea of a "gaming OS" (which I imagine this will focus on). However I wonder if all Steam games, or the majority will play on this? If so then I think it is likely I will be saying goodbye to my Windows OS. I hope it has all of the functions of normal Linux though, the handy utilities that come with the other distros. I like to do more than just game. This may be a game changer in the PC gaming world if done well.

Can wait to see what it will be like, looking forward to the release.  

This is all kinds of win. I've done the, "hey lets drag huge ass coolermaster heavy as #^&*$ case into the living room," to play steam big picture when it first came out. Just give me oculus rift and I'll never have to leave the house again.

There's another thread i answered in too, but having a choice can never be a bad thing. It might now grow into something huge, and i'm sure there are console gamers out there who have no intention of leaving their console of choice, but having an option is always good! 

If we can stream "Non-Steam" games, like ones you add to steam. I would build a small cheap box just for streaming. If Non-Steam games work, I have Freeview TV in Windows Media Center working though non-steam game shortcut, that means I can watch & record TV on my SteamBox. That means steamOS will be the best Media Center OS.