Steam on Fedora (Wine)?

I'm trying to install Steam (using WINE) on Fedora 17. I'm trying to paste the Tahoma.ttf font file into ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/fonts directory but I'm not given the option when I right-click. It actually greys out nearly all of the options. I'm the only user, so I have admin priveleges. Could anyone help me?

Bump; Here's the problem. The font doesn't show up. Whatsoever.

Bump; Got the font working. Signed up. Now, I don't know how to open Steam. Unlike on Ubuntu, it doesn't show my Wine applications. :/ I should probably just give up.

ummm, u don't need wine for steam

have fun

New to linux. I didn't see that steam had any kind of linux option. How do you use it though?

Sorry for newb questions.

Dude have you been living under a rock? lol beta release of steam on linux has been epic news all over the interwebs.  Unfortunately it's closed beta at the moment so you probably won't be able to log in :(

steam steam://open/games

 Run that in terminal after you install the Linux Beta. Have fun ;)


Please, GTFO

I personally just installed it through Playonlinux (which works great on Fedora). As far as the steam linux beta goes, I haven't tried if it works on Fedora but I'd imagine it wouldn't.

Edit: here's a Fedora install guide, it worked great for me, I just had to add the last bit to get past the account verification.


  1. Download
  2. Put the steam.repo file in your /etc/yum.repos.d/ directory (as root)
  3. sudo yum install steam
  4. Open a terminal and type "steam steam://open/games" without quotes and hit enter

Hello bassfire, your issue is the mscorefront isn't installed. Check this link out:

Aswell you can try to run winetricks


so far