Steam not working in game

Even when I am running a game like L4D or TF2, the Steam in game chat will not work, xfire works but Steam wont. It has worked up until yesterday and now has stopped, is ther a way to fix this or enable it, etc...

I can't say I have come accross this problem, but if all else fails then reinstall steam. It could possbily be a conflict inbetween xfire and steam.

I think its called steamoverlay.exe (cant be sure if thats what its called or even if im 100% on what it does) but i think its the Shift+Tab to talk function. Make sure its running and see if its blocked or not.

I've got the same exact problem and couldn't seem to find a fix. Â If you manage to fix it post back in this thread and let me know what you did.

Go to steam and go into file and settings, Look on the In-Game tab.

It is enabled but not working.

Then reinstall steam

I have re-installed it but, it is still not working. Anyone else got some advice?

I had this problem a long time ago, all I did was reboot and it started working again.

i came across this a few times it goes away for me over time


There's your problem.

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I downloaded the necrovision demo and it worked in that demo but still wont work in any other game. Anything else I should try?

do you have evga precision running or any other overclockign tool for graphcs card?
if yes then this would be the problem because i have the same problem!

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Back on topic, Crysis recently decided to stop working for me and now I probably have to redownload it or get some other benchmarking software.

You may have to manually run steamoverlay.exe...

Thanks sooooo much, closing EVGA precision made it work thanks.

Ohhh never had that problem. Tried to shut down only the game overlay thingie in precision?

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