Steam Metro 2033 problem

So i'm trying to play Metro 2033 but i accidentally exited the direct x and vsomething something install. When i launch the game, it crashes and it sets my resolution on my monitor to 640x480. Anyway to re-install these? I reinstalled the game and everything aswell.

If it helps my specs:

AMD FX6300

8gb RAM

GTX 760 OC'ed to 1100

If you right click on metro 2033 in steam, click on properties,

then go to the local files tab, then click browse local files.

In the window that opened go intro the install folder,

Then run vcredist_x86_sp1_atl_4053,

Then go into the DirectX folder, find the DXSETUP file and run that,

Then go back to the install folder, go into the D3D11Install folder and run D3D11Install


This will hopefully fix it.

Thanks a bunch