Steam linux issue

I have team fortress 2 installed on my machine. When i backed it up to a second drive, it stopped showing up in my steam library. I searched my home directory and found all the files for team fortress there.

Is there a way to refresh it to recognize the installed game?

Possibly go through steam right click on game and properties. Should be an option for validate game files.

right click where?

When I’ve moved files to a steam drive from another drive rather than downloading them, I always just hit install and then when it’s allocating space it will “discover existing files”. I’d try that.

Sorry on the game in your library

try to add the parent folder as a library:
Steam -> Options -> Downloads -> Steam-Library folder -> add folder

(might be called differently, my Steam is in German lang)

When you move the game folder, you also have to move the corresponding config file one level lower. It’s usually a number, which you can get from the steam store page.
For team fortress, this might be 440, but newer games have longer numbers (I think they number games sequentially, the number is in the url for the game on the store page after the apps/ bit)

not listed in the library
@Olol said that library had to be empty