Steam Link (New Product)

This is cool:
and it supports 1080p at 60Hz so it is probably be better than the doko that every ones going crazy about.

I wonder if it is possible to upgrade hardware in it like ram or storage. And what IO is on it. Guess I will have to wait for the specs :P

Not likely, it could very well be ARM based for one, and if not, maybe Atom based. Regardless it'll almost certainly be SoC.

Regardless of what hardware is inside, if it's able to stream decently i might consider it for purchase.

Like streaming from your desktop to nvidia grid devices? That would be interesting indeed.

I wouldn't use it for a TV but I'd probably use it with another monitor setup somewhere else in the house... If I owned my own house... And I had other monitors... I'm never going to use this...

I'm definitely getting one of these, maybe even 2! At the moment I have a ps3 in my living room and an xbox 360 in my bedroom both of which I use purely to stream media from my pc (which is just janky and horrible and doesn't work well at all) this would work so much better plus I could actually do some gaming in bed. That being said, my game of choice is FPS online and that's just not gonna happen with the amount of lag, still definitely getting at least one.