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Steam issues on macOS Sierra

I recently acquired a mid 2010 macbook pro and decided to play around with it. I installed steam to maybe try and see how the laptop performs in some old source engine games and I am having issues with it. First of all, certain keys seem to be completely non registering with the steam client such as the enter key when trying to send a message. The second thing is that the download speed seems to be way slower than the other downloads I've done on the laptop even when connected directly to my router through a wired connection. Third, sometimes when I try to minimize it, it will refuse to do so. (the visual style of the 'x - +' is also dated but that's just me being nitpicky) I guess my question is, does steam on macOS have a significant amount of little issues for anyone else?

This is kind of a long shot, but older apple products don't seem to be playing well with sierra right now.

I would suggest rolling back to yosemite and give that a shot.

For the download issue check in the steam options where you local server is for the downloads. I could be set for some reason to then other side of the planet.

This seems as though it may work, however the actual OS is having no problems, it is just steam. Thanks for the reply!

Yeah....IDK. My friend as a 2013 macbook pro and a 2013/14 mac pro. Both of which now run sierra and he seems to be having issues with 3rd party apps like adobe.

Yosemite was rock fucking solid. Probably the magnum opus of apple's software team.

As soon as El Capitan rolled out, they just started piling on useless code and removing older code that was working just fine.

This was the problem with the downloads, thank you! Its weird that I had to go in and set the server location, I've never had to in the past on windows.

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Hmm, I'll have to give it a shot.

No problem. Yeah it does usually auto set, maybe a Mac related bug? Either way glad I could help.