Steam Issues: Manjaro/Arch

Having a wierd issue in a fresh install of Netrunner. It's arch based and I know how arch in general works, however I get this weird error that basically wants t remove systemd, or at least a lib.

lib32-libgudev and lib32-systemd are in conflict (lib32-systemd<221)

What should I do? I have never seen this before and I'm not sure.

According to lib32-libgudev AUR page they are indeed in conflict. What do you need lib32-libgudev for?


Todo List: libgudev split from systemd
2015-06-19 - Evangelos Foutras
systemd 221 no longer includes libgudev; the latter is now shipped in its own package.

[] If your package does not depend on other libraries provided by libsystemd (libsystemd-, libudev), then replace any existing libsystemd dependency with libgudev (or add libgudev as a new dependency if libsystemd isn't listed in the package's deps).

[*] If your package depends on libraries provided by libsystemd, then add libgudev as a new dependency.

Packages go to [staging]/[community-staging].

From here.

Before installing the package try running pacman -Syyu.

Something with steam. I really don't know I would have to see the dependencies.

I've edited my first reply.

I see that. The whole way that this system is set up it would be easier to install basic arch and build from there. I honestly have nothing better to do so screw this bs.

I can't update anything because theres a rabbit hole I have to dive into of packages to get rid of one conflict. I feel like there aren't enough testers for this distro but I really could care less at this point.

If you know how to install arch, configure it and so on, go for it.
If you really want to test this distro, you could use arch or whatever distro as your main, and dedicate another drive or just create a new partition in your existing drive to test it.

Since this isn't my main computer in the first place, I'm waiting for the processor to arrive for it, I really don't care what happens to this machine either way, even if I have to use windows on it. It just doesn't matter.

I was just hoping someone had this issue as well. Oh well. Thanks for popping in :P

People sure had this issue. See here and here.