Steam in home streaming Fedora

Anybody using this service on a linux client?  I cannot get it to see the windows gaming host.  I made sure the ports were open as per the steam troubleshooting. I'm on the same network and subnet. Streaming  is working flawlessly on a windows client laptop.  I'm able to ping from the client to the host.  If it matters its a windows 8.1 host to Fedora 21 client.  Any suggestions would be great. I want to stream to my tv for some big screen fun.

Edit: I'm using remote desktop in fedora to control the windows PC, so I think the firewall and everything ok. I am not great with networking, usually it just works.

I had the same problem. Tried to disable the firewall in Fedora to see if both pc's would find each other and it worked.
I suggest that you do the same thing and see if it'll work for you. If it works you must define your zone of connection and select one of the listed, then click "ports" (second tab if i'm not mistaken) and add the following ports: 27031, 27036 (both TCP and UDP).

Now I have a new problem. Each time linux restarts the rules(ports) that I had set up disappear and I have to do it all again. 

(sorry for my bad english, I'm still learning)

You can install ufw and setup the internal firewall in Fedora as well as make the changes in AppArmor.

That's weird, didn't have an issue getting it to work on a mac. AppArmor sounds like fun. 

ufw is the graphical component of ipchains. AppArmor is useful but can be a PTA.

Not in default Fedora, firewalld replaced iptables & for acces control SELinux is used instead of AppArmor