Steam has a random sale

get there !!!!! build your game hords. stupid cheep stop reading GO


uhhh wtf exactly are you talking about?

Steam has games on sale everyday but it is not one of their big ones. Just scroll down on the store and look at the right and click where it says see all specials and there are usually around 40 games on sale everyday.

^^^ Exactly. Was that your first time on the steam store or something Don? 

im new to steam and pc gameing -.- i recently bought a rig that will not scream death when i only have youtube running

Oh....well add steam to your daily check (facebook, email, teksyndicate, steam, etc.) because every day there is something for sale. Ive picked up so many games I never planned on buying simply because they hit 60-70% off on steam. Also check out because they list all the good sales on games from all major game download sites. Welcome to the world of affordable video games.