Steam Hackers ;(

Just to keep everybody on notice these guys on steam called NisseFar or Nivek, if they send you a friend request on steam DONT ACCEPT IT...

My friend got it and do not accept it...

Use the features Valve have added for your account. Two factor authentication, steam guard. There should be no reason for you to get hacked.


He bud just keeping everyone on notice :)

My friend told me

hey guys theirs 2 specific accounts out of several million you need to worry about, don't think too much on the amount of new accs made everyday k?

Sure i know its just --> notice <---

Just let it go, The internet is not a safe place, there are thousands of hackers. Most people understand that.

Little story tried to install a map for minecraft: next thing, VIRUS ATTACK

yeah but there hard drive killers and steam hackers and there accounts is what they use to hack ;(

Well done, Another one of billions of ways to have a system infected.
Considering the first thing you did when you signed up to this forum is necro an old thread
My guess is you're quite young by your answer so I'll put it simply,
There are protocols that protect the average person from most attacks, use an Antivirus, two factor authentication and not clicking random links complete strangers send to you. Considering, Someone like myself could write up a little scrypt in half an hour that could hand over all your infomation to me if you did not follow these protocols. Steam password, Bank account, Social media. And no; this is not a threat.

While the average person may not understand the risks around the internet, The average person on this site is a bit smarter.

I'm going to hazard a guess that the person who was hacked was not your "friend" but whatever, Lesson learned. It's not like its the first, nor the last time someone has or will be hacked


Thanks for the heads up.

Well yeah but like im a computer addict and I do a lot of coding so that means i can code games and other tricky stuff lol ! !