Steam glitching out

I have recently run out of space on my main drive so I created a new steam game library on my E: drive

Now every once and a while I will log into steam and discovery that my second library is not being recognized by steam
All my game are still in the library but they are greyed out in my actual library tab in the steam client.
So every time this happens I have to delete all the games installed on the unrecognized steam library, create a new one, and install all the games again.
Has any one else experienced this and/or have a way to fix it?

{excuse any grammatical errors, my brain needs sleep}

I've noticed the same thing on linux all I have to do is 'install' a game to the same place and it will see all the games I had installed

I've tried that but a message box shows up saying that the folder must be empty.

rename said folder tell steam the old folder cut/paste the old stuff into it

Windows yeah?

This happened on windows 7 for me on my first laptop a few years back. Check and see if the hard drive has any errors and defrag it if you can. For me it wasn't detecting the drive.

Also check your distro, some of them seem to set USB and hard drives to idle when not in use, some will unmount them even. Thats not correct but my brain can't come up with the right words atm and I have never found what I was looking for with goole with a search like "The word and stuff I can't remeber".