Steam games problem

I'm having a problem with TF2.

After the "Preparing to launch window" it doesnt launch.
Instead it pulls up a "verifying window" and when its done with that it doesnt work

Things i have tried to fix it:
-Uninstall, Reinstall

(btw this happens with one other game of mine as well)

i see no one has had this problem... sigh

Ask steam support.

i did

have you try deleting ClientRegistry.blob in steam folder and restarting steam?? tends to fix file loading/updating/verifying problems


didnt work

Um do you have Vista?, if so 64bit or 32bit?, you might need to run the game in 32bit mode because it sounds like the same problem i had with HL2!

try running it in windowed mode, and then hitting alt+enter when it loads.

right click game > General tab > Set Launch Options > type "-windowed"

Did you recently update your video card drivers?

yeah update drivers

New Steam client update also