Steam game wont work but cracked version does. SOLUTION

Hello people of the Tek. Lets just say I downloaded a "demo" of Borderlands Pre-Sequel, and it works/runs just fine. After deciding that it was good (2 hours in), I bought it on GMG and got the steam code. It downloaded just fine like any other steam game but when I launch it it completely freezes my whole PC to the point where it wont do anything. I have to manually press the power button to turn it off then on again.

Games like Saints Row IV, Garry's mod, Batman: Arkham Origins, Hitman: Absolution, Thief, Bioshock Infinite, Dead Island: Epidemic, and Payday 2 (+ all of my other games except for below) run just fine.

But these games: Farcry 3, GTA IV, Borderlands 2, Borderlands Pre-Sequel, Dirt 3, Dead Island, Dirt Showdown, Red Faction: Armageddon, and Saints Row: The Third COMPLETELY FREEZES my PC.

I have tried updating my drivers, updating my Bios, running my games in compatibility mode, searching online for similar problems and solutions, disabling my anti-virus, verifying integrity of game cache, uninstalling/re-installing, etc.


If anyone can provide any useful information or solutions this would be greatly appreciated.

Useful Links: < My current Build < My steam account


Have you checked that you have the newest version of Direct X ?

It could be an hardware problem also, have you tried using one of the other ports on your graphics card?

I have the newest version of Direct X.

I don't think its a hardware problem because I play the same game from something other than steam and it works fine.

Thank you for your inputs to the situation!

Don't worry, all I had to do was uninstall All ATI Software. I then installed the 64bit drivers and then it started working again.

PROBLEM: I installed the 32bit drivers when I needed the 64bit ones.

SOLUTIONI used add or remove programms to get rid of the 32bit drivers and I then installed the 64bit version and now everything works.

 TIP: MAKE SURE you uninstall ALL ATI SOFTWARE or it wont work.