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Hey guys, back again. As you probably don't recall because I'm not very important on here, I am a little bit new to full on pc gaming. I've struggled on a laptop for a while but consoles were my primary platform pretty much.

I say that to say this: I only have one friend on Steam and he's a guy I met in college who's essentially become a sort of ghost as it's rare to ever see him around campus cuz he was usually locked away in his room.

That's not the point; that story can be told later. My point is, I need steam friends, or really, PC gaming friends in general. I currently play Minecraft (cracked because Id already bought the console version), Skyforge and Planetside 2 and I've just installed Ghost Recon Phantoms, SWOR, and Path of Exile.

I plan on getting Rainbow Six Seige and Need for Speed when they release, as well as possibly reviving my Final Fantasy XIV RR account (if Im able to carry over from my console account). Also if Final Fantasy XV gets a PC release scheduled some time soon I will wait on it, but if not, Ill get the PS4 version and play on a friend's console.

My favorite games in no order are probably:

Final Fantasy 4, 5, 7, 9, 12, and 14 (although I didnt know at the time of buying it that it was subscription based so I was turned off by only that until I get that together)

Dragon Quest 6 and 8

Ace Combat 4 and Infinity

Gundam VS Z Gundam and Journey to Jaburo

Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3, Tenkaichi 2-3

Tekken... almost all

Pokemon up until Generation 4

The Legend of Dragoon (underrated classic imo)

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, HP 2, Underground 2, Shift, and the Hot Pursuit remake

A handful of 3D era Sonic games (yes i know im gonna burn in hell) and Sonic Advance

A handful of 007 games on PS2 and GC

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas and Vice City

COD MW2 and MW3 (guilty pleasure mainly because of campaign storyline; I realize how weird that makes me seem)

And that's all I can think of now.

I like anime, mainly Seinens - I rarely like Shounen, I actually tend to like Shoujo more - yes haha OP must actually be a fgt. Im also quite obsessed with Gundam, although nothing outside the UC timeline.

I make music: I rap, produce, mix and master, and Im going to get into shooting videos when I get back to school. I like music: I listen to a lot of genres from a lot of eras but I prefer Hip-Hop, EDM, 60s-70s Psychadelic Rock, and Jazz.

So with my Tek Syndicate dating profile complete, I hope to meet a bunch of new friends to interact online with outside of music forums Im a part of. I would also appreciate some game, anime and music recommendations if you have any.

You might want to add a comment to this thread too . . .

I've pretty much used Steam since...maybe a year after it's release. Point is: I've used it for a long time now. That said, I've never had friends on it...well...aside from GokuZ, but who wouldn't want to add Goku as their friend? (didn't really talk to him though, he was too busy dieing, eating, and forgetting about his son)

I still have an B+ experience with Steam, no friends required. Go play some online games and make with the socializing. Add cool players, ignore obnoxious ones, network.

Disclaimer: I am not accountable for any negative results that come from "socializing". I neither understand or know what socializing or a "social life" is.

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