Steam Friends

I've been a part of steam for a few years now but am tired of having almost no friends on steam. Most of my friends think that consoles are the best thing in the world. They can't figure out how to even use wasd. I'm wondering if anyone would like to get one more friend :) Im a cool guy and I have 71 games in my library ranging from terraria to Grid and ARMA.

Uhm... hit me up I guess, I usually only play fps games unless I get drawn to something due to subject matter, such as xcom. I play a lot of counterstrike when I can, but I'm usually open to new things. Steam username: FellDownandDied

I will also be playing BF4 once it is released and if your interested, my origin account has the same username.

There is a teksyndicate steam group or two as well. I think they have a thread up where you can post your steam name and get 10000 friend invites. 

could you post the link?

Here you go.

Official Groups:

Fan-made Group:

Post your steam/origin username here: