Steam for Linux is wild


sudo dpkg -i steam.deb && sudo apt-get install -f

Linux Steam

A new gaming era has started. I've installed and played World of Goo via Steam and played it perfect. In game  Steam overlay works like a charm.

It has some quirks, but may just be some issues on my end. I need to do some ATI driver work. As you can see, installed and working on 64-bit Mint 14 using open source ATI drivers. 

More to come. Going to download and test TF2 soon, just my terrible DSL connection is limiting. 

Happy gaming linux peeps. 

Imma install it today and test it out, are all valve games avaliable?

Only Valve game avalible is TF2. However a lot of my Humble bundle games are already on there. 

I'm getting dependency errors =\

I got this when it was first availible but can only find windows and OS X versions of games.

what will steam bring to the future of gaming on linux? OpenGL in all games? the end of Directx hegemony?

I thought Valve said the game they were using for porting purposes was Left 4 Dead 2 since it had the most stable code base? It will be interesting to see how far (or not far) Steam on Linux will go in a year's time.

I got tf2 downloaded a while ago but it just black screens.

ATI's beta driver changlog says better performance for Linux L4D, so guessing that will be out soon. 


Got TF2 downloaded and seems to run pretty well. Steam seems to not work with ATI's newest Beta drivers, so I reverted back to open source drivers and it works fine. 


Steam still has some quirks, like messages recieved if not clicked on when they pop up are not shown again or added to taskbar.



Tried opening mine, still in closed beta -.-


Right click on the icon and chose to open the Store, any game you own that has a native Linux version can be installed and played.

I tried opening it but the process just starts and closes.  Is it because it is still in CB?

To bypass the closed beta thing enter

steam steam://open/games

into the terminal.

I did that and I got OpenGL GLX extenstion not supported by display. :s

I am using a laptop that can switch between the integrated graphics (Intel HD 300) or the dedicated GPU (GeForce GT 525M).  

Whats the errors dude?

Got super bored so made a early morning video showing off Steam/TF2/Controller Support. Half of what I say doesn't make sense, but hey, just mute me haha.