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Steam_flatpak + separate steam library

Got a little question, for those who have used steam trough flatpak as no other ways to do it.
Did you have separate partition just for steam game library? How did you connect it to that flatpak?

I run fedora 27 atm.

Thanks for any answers.

Not a direct answer to your question but why a flatpak over the provided rpm? You lose support for a number of games with the flatpak (they apparently dont work)

What flatpak are you useing?

aa, ok so there IS a rmp version. Good good. thanks. i say this situation is solved then.

What games? Haven’t run in to this problem yet on Void.

You can get steam from either the rpmfusion repo, or the negativo17 repo. Both work well.


all good in the jungle here, installed the rpm one. thanks again!

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I have a lot of the games on that list installed and they all work fine? Weird.

Update the wiki for that flatpak ?

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I will when I’m back from logging :stuck_out_tongue: