Steam.exe disappring :,(

after multipal installs im looking for help from the only forum i know 

my steam exe keeps disappring im not even sure whats happening and im going to a lan party next week does anyone have experience with this 


Could be a simple as Anti-Virus throwing a false positive when installing steam, try installing with the AV turned off.

If all advice won't help, I think you should look for viruses. Use this guide:


The topic is a little bit old. It is the best way to scan. No antivirus, no malwarebytes, and no combofix was able to help me out to get my viruses out. Like the mydoom virus I had on a Laptop, and my PC. I would strongly suggest to you to get the Live CD with Fedora, so the tutotrial stays mostly the same for you! It's a bit older now, now the GUI version of clamtk (Graphical User Interface, perhaps I saved you from googleing) is diffrent now. Now you scan individual directories, instead of just pressing the "home" folder, like in the guide I've linked you. Be really carefull. Don't just delete all the PUAS (potentially unwanted programs) they are for a big part more of a suggestion, then a virus. Look for the category worms, virus etc. when the scan is complete.


Here is the iso I would suggest to you, so you can follow the instructions exactly:


A warning: Do this if you like lots of reading. The tutotrial is a step by step tutotrial, so you should not have troubles.


A bit offtopic:

If you do stuff with your partitions, make sure to unmount them again when you are finished, and if you edit partitions (like resizing etc.), then they have to be unmounted! Damage may otherwise accour. Just, if you are tempted to make new partitions to for some reason (it's not necessary for the guide, but maybe you will do it out of fun, or rightaway with gparted in the booted live cd, since you are in it).


It could be a completely diffrent problem to, better wait for more answers. Or start with this right away.




Edit: Take the  32 bit version. If booting into it won't work with the CD/DVD, go into "troubleshooting" and choose basic graphics mode, for the most possible working mode.

Edit: Fedora xfce, now I think I managed to make all my mistakes right.

thanks for the help guys i turned my computer on today and steam is still there!!! ill finaly be able to play games after work thanks alot 

You are welcome! Did you do anything special to resolve it? Like reinstalling steam? I would use CCleaner, perhaps it will fix more.