Steam downloads corrupted

Steam updates take at least a day to download. I live in the sticks and connectivity can be iffy. This can cause games to not play and login issues. Since it appears Steam has discontinued all phone support, I’d like to force Steam to use TCP, if it isn’t already.

Also, is there a way to clear clear Steam cache or otherwise corrupted downloads?


To launch steam with TCP, you rightclick the desktop icon, select properties and add -tcp to the target.

To repair games:

  • rightclick them in the steam library
  • click on Properties
  • go to the local files tab
  • click “scan and repair”

Thank you very much!

FYI. The fix was to move the game from an external drive back to C:
Curious since Steam says it supports game play from external drives.
In your screen shot, all the buttons were greyed-out.
So that was a deadend.
But hey, now that other things are fixed, your suggestion is great.
Thank you for taking the time to help.

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