Steam downloading really slow

My steam will download around 1MB/s with speed up to 2.6MB/s despite my internet being 80Mb/s. I should in theory be able to pull 10MB/s with that but I can't. I get 1-2 in steam. Large chrome downloads and speed tests work fine, it's literally just steam. I've checked my steam settings but there's no bandwidth limit configured.

This may sound rather obvious but did you try changing the "download region"?

For me I get up to 12MB/s on Steam but I often only end up getting around 8-10 or less if its a "less popular" title. For me it depends which files are mirrored to the Australian CDNs near me.

My region is the one closest to me so I don't think that's it.

Did you try alternatives like other close ones?

Try downloading through a good vpn, that would eliminate the possibility of carrier throttling (or prove it).

No but I might give that a shot.

XD. Any you recommend?

You can try astril: there is like a week free trial before you have to pay which is nice for a one time thing. I personally use hotspot shield, but it only is like 500MB free before you have to pay. I have a subscription though which is why I use that.

Thanks for the download link, although I'd have to do a manual configuration anyway since I'm on Linux.

well it's faster. Not as fast as it should be, not as fast as chrome downloads but I'm sitting at 3-4 with peaks up to 6. Normally I'm 1-2 with peaks at 3. Chrome will do like 8. So the VPN definitely helped which is more than a little concerning. Although sometimes it still does slow down to around 1.7. It seems to jump all over the place and be rather inconsistent. Even with the VPN chrome will download at around 7.8-8.5. Steam is still slow for some reason. Just not as slow.