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Steam Cloud + PIA + Pfsense + Linux + Normie. Not connecting. Suggestions?


Hello everyone, good day.

I am having troubles making Steam connects to Steam Cloud. Searching for suggestions and hopefully a solution.


  1. I am a normie :woman_facepalming:.
  2. I am using Pfsense as my main router and connects to the outside world through PIA.
  3. Using Linux Pop OS for gaming :partying_face:.


  1. While trying to run a game, a window appears letting me know that it cannot sync with the Steam Cloud.
  2. Tried turning off OpenVPN (PIA) and route all traffic through WAN.
  3. Restarted PC.
  4. It works! But feel unsecure and exposed to the frightening world of the net.
  5. Turn OpenVPN again and it causes the same issue.
  6. Me starts blaming PIA.
  7. Watched again @wendell and @ryan video and remember that I can route some traffic through WAN and other through VPN.
  8. Searched for an Steam guide for URL and Ports
  9. Made a Firewall rule.
  10. Still have the issue. :sob:

Thinking about the issue:

  1. I made a mistake in the rule and it does nothing.
  2. The address for the steam cloud is not contained in that page.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

Sorry if the screenshots are no in english, but I believe the order is the same. Also it is easier for me to follow .



When using aliases for the firewall you have to use the FQDN of the server, you can’t just use, it has to be if that makes sense. So what I mean is it has to be a specific server address and not anything on the domain.

If you can’t find a list of the servers you need then one way to find it manually is to run a packet sniffer like wireshark, filter for dns traffic and look at which servers you connect to when running steam, then add them to the alias until. It works.