Steam box

will steam box be good 

depends what hardware u will put in it.

He's refering to the pre built steam box console that valve will ship, not the one you build yourself 

The pre built steam box will be upgradable though :)

I dont think many people will go to steambox, people with xbox have their profiles with all their achievements and games and will most likely switch to the 720. Maybe you'll get the odd ps3 user who switched becuase the rumours around the ps4 are horrible (no used discs etc etc) and people on pc wont wsitch to it becuase well...they have a pc. So in my opinion the steambox will just flop.

eevee047 I think it will depend on whether the PC users will have to actually switch, or whether they can just use SteamBox on their current rig via Steam much like the Steam "Big Picture" thing.  I think forcing PC users to have to run a custom OS would cause some issues, I know it would for me, as I often work from home and will use my main rig to undertake work tasks.  This I would not be able to do if I was forced to run a custom SteamBox OS, but I could do this if i just needed to run a SteamBox plugin.  I known this all sounds a bit like what we already have in Steam but still :-).

Having said this I am very interested in the SteamBox device and would welcome a change from my Xbox, PS3 and PC and even more so in the Linux possibilities.

@LauBen I agree, but i dont think steam would force pc users to buy a steambox (if thats what you mean). If i have to use steam on linux in the future ill just get a second hard drive and run it off that, i need wondows for work related stuff to.

sorry I forgot the /sarcasm

To actually answer his question it looks like an AMD APU.

gudging by these videos:

and the vast amount of display ports on the ACTUAL prototype:

so the chipset is probably gonna be the A70M given its the lowest TDP for the chips that do 4 usb3.0 ports source:

the CPU will probably be any one of the 65W TDP chips so take ur pick:

and they will stick probably 2-4gig of the fastest ram they can get their hands on (probably 2gig)

Looks like its gonna be an underclocked A10 4600M with 8gig of ram :D