Steam box teardown!

The Steam box is basically made like most popular gaming PC OEMs but with a Steam Os. least it will help make Linux popular. But it looks so good but I bet the temps won't. I found the majority of the material from The Verge.

Verge Article for further in depth look:

where's the power connector for the video card?

Were the triggers 3D printed?

Can forsee a growing trend of cases like this coming out. I honestly can't wait for steam os. Such a good thing for PC gaming.

What are the coax jacks on the back?

Please tell me they are for antennas.


Coax On the back look like Wifi Atennas similar to this card

The Silverstone ML04 and ML05 , and I think the fractal node series (up to atx) would benefit .


Hehe, good pictures tho, didn't see this topic till now. 

Good stuff!

I don't know if it's possible to provide enough power for GTX cards by the pcie lanes with a riser card . Maybe the riser card is connected to the power supply....yeah idk

Seems similar to the alienware x51 style case. They say the temps are good as each component has its own airflow... we'll see.

yesss, lets have us the leaked steam os. its out there...

Here is a steamOS that the Sabayon guy made as a side project.

Pretty much it is Sabayon that boots into steam big picture mode.

Those silverstone cases are low-profile, so good luck cramming a high-end gpu in that.

You could mod it in sideways on the spot where the low profile slots are though, would be an interesting experiment...

The alienware case is actually very different to the one that Valve has on their steambox. The difference is: the alienware one is as ugly as sh*t

Does anyone know if the Steam OS will be a downloadable OS for anyone's comp? Because I'd like to try it out and see for myself. Or am I misunderstanding? xD


Ya I think you can put steam os on any computer

has anyone else noticed that the steam controller is wired ?and also the steam controller woll be able to be bought separately for around 20 dollars ?