Steam Box/LAN Box/Litecoin Mining

Well this is my steam box/LAN/Mining rig

The plan is simple, use a hard drive i have and download the lite coin mining software, then use the SSD to load SteamOS and use that as a Steam box. I will swap them using the hot swap bays on the HAF XB

Any comments or changes?

(These parts are all found in my nearby retailer in Singapore so that is why I am using those)

I like the HAF XB because it matches my HAF 912 Adv. and it is small and (hopeful) easy to carry around.

not sure why you chose an itx mobo for an ATX case or a non k cpu in with z87 mobo?
all I did was change the mobo to the ATX equivalent and the cpu to the unlocked one.
you might want to consider an mATX form factor

link fix: